About Us


URART Ateliers, which founded in 1972, is a design&craft workshop complex, that aims to keep alive and sustain the rich traditional methods&mastery in jewellery, metal casting and other handicrafts of all civilizations that have emerged from Anatolia throughout history.

The URART Jewellery and decorative objects are being designed and handcrafted by artists & craftsmen of our Ateliers with great mastery and patience.

Our design team looks out for unique details & touches of ancient craftsmen throughout history for inspiration and gives importance to aestetic and cultural values since the day it has been founded.

URART examined the unique treasures of the Istanbul Archaeology Museum, Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and inspired by them.

We are the first to work with a design team in Turkish Jewellery industry and received many awards in international design competitions. While our longest standing craftsmen in our team have been working for more than 40 years at URART, a mould archive have had formed during many years, accumulating tens of thousands different jewellery&object designs.

URART shows extreme importance to honoring traditions while adapting the ancient pieces to modern designs, while creating eternally surviving masterpieces to connect the owner with the soul of the ancient craftsmen.

We developed an innovative line while preserving the characteristic features to transfer the creative accumulation of the ancient times through future generations.



He was born in New York.

Graduated from B.Sc.Economy from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1981.

Completed M.Sc.Economy from London School of Economics in 1982. He has lived in many countries andinspired from many different cultures from an early age.

URART has become the most prestigious school in Turkish jewellery industrywith Erol Sagmanlı's interest in aesthetics and his innovative perspective.


If we shall describe what URART achieved till today with numbers...Since the year it has been founded (1972) more than;

20.000 unique jewellery,

10.000 decorative objects,

500.000 pieces of total produced.


URART is the first Turkish brand which designed and created unique masterpieces for the world's leading art centers, such as;

New York Metropolitan Museum

Toronto Aga Khan Museum

British Royal Academy


URART has many ways to connect with its clients. Not only using the todays technology; but also connecting with old school methods, like Concept Stores.